Welcome to Jr. HammerHeads 2016 Season!!!

Thanks for visiting our site. Jr. HammerHeads is a family oriented, youth developmental triathlon team located in Jacksonville, Florida. The Jr. HammerHead Youth Triathlon team is dedicated to the growth and development of youth athletic skills in the sport of triathlon. We offer USAT certified and insured coaching to experienced youth triathletes. 

The Jr. HammerHead Triathlon team started in the summer of 2007 as the Healthy Kids Triathlon team. In the spring of 2008, in affiliation with the HammerHeads, we became a member of the USAT Club, as the Jr. HammerHeads. Our mission is to foster an active and healthy lifestyle and promote self-esteem while participating in fun and safe activities.

We focus on the developing triathlete with year round swim training and triathlon experience. Our goal is to take your young athlete to the next level in the sport of triathlon.